PTC, TATA Steel NL, and ZES are exploring methods to achieve emission-free inland waterway transport.

27 November 2023 – In their collective pursuit of sustainable solutions for inland waterway transport, PTC (Private Transport Cooperative b.a.) & TATA Steel NL, in partnership with ZES (Zero Emission Services), have signed a letter of intent. Their aim is to investigate emission-free shipping using modular energy containers. This marks the initiation of Project PTe-C (PTC & TATA’s Electrification Challenge)!

Ella Hofs-Visser, Manager of PR & Sustainability at PTC, remarked, “While we’ve explored limited possibilities with HVO for our existing fleet, we’ve been engaged in research projects for a decade, examining a retrofit variant involving hydrogen powder for use on board our inland vessels. We foresee the necessity of vessel electrification for many future applications. Collaborating with ZES on container barges’ technological advancements is expected to swiftly enable zero-emission steel shipments.”

Daan Sabbé, Contract Manager for Inland Shipping Outbound Logistics at Tata Steel NL, shared, “Our Zero Carbon Logistics Programme actively aims to enhance the sustainability of our logistics network. We concentrate on direct applications like biofuels while also engaging in studies and pursuing completely emission-free solutions. This collaboration with our carrier PTC and ZES for a battery-electric barge exemplifies this approach. It has the potential to significantly contribute to our Zero Carbon Logistics program and our goals of sustainability in our logistics chain.”

Bart Hoevenaars, Director of Zero Emission Services, expressed his satisfaction with TATA Steel and PTC’s intention to transition to electric solutions with ZES’s support. He highlighted that not only container ships but also ships carrying breakbulk cargo, such as TATA Steel’s goods, are eligible for electric sailing.

“We wouldn’t have reached this letter of intent without PTC’s support for the ZES business model, demonstrating its competitiveness. We are grateful to PTC for their trust and belief in ZES. Equally important is TATA Steel’s recognition of the necessity of emission-free transport and their willingness to collaborate with ZES and PTC,” Bart noted.

Simultaneously, tenders have been received for retrofitting vessels to meet ZESpack standards, and the grant application process is underway. Exploration of potential impacts of a magnetic crane, occasionally used in steel loading and unloading, on the required ZESpacks and/or other electrical installations is also ongoing.