Willem Dedden

Willem Dedden


On 1 June 2020 Willem Dedden was appointed director by the shareholders of ZES. Willem has 25 years of experience in the maritime sector and ports. Previously, he worked at various consultation bureaus with an expertise in hydraulics, offshore and civil engineering.


Koen van Eig | Darel

Stakeholder Management

Extensive experience with business development, divestment, corporate restructuring and disentanglement. Koen excels in synergizing, framing and implementing successful business strategies. Koen’s passion is to implement practical “circular” solutions that not only have a positive environmental impact but also drive the business forwards.


Hein Oomen | ENGIE

Business Development

With a true passion for energy transition and global sustainability, Hein excels in leading teams in results-oriented environmentand delivering innovative solutions for complex problems. Extensive experience with business development, project management, engineering, corporate development and M&A. Hein combines strong analytical skills with emotional intelligence to come up with valuable commercial and strategic insights.


Teus van Beek | Wärtsilä


Teus’ extensive experience is related to the design and applications of Marine Power Systems to all kind of vessels. Active participation in development and design projects has given him a wide overview and technical background as well as the business needs in ships’ design and innovation. Teus has been active in external commercial contacts as well and has a wide network in the shipping industry.


Leon Sluiman | ENGIE


Over 30 years of experience in project engineering and logistics, with an emphasis on marine and offshore business development in the energy transition. Leon has strong team building qualities and extensive understanding of change and supply chain management.


Nynke Visser | ING

Corporate Support

Extensive experience as support analyst and over 5 years of experience with optimizing processes, with an emphasis on leadership and sustainability projects. Nynke has excellent analytical and problem solving skills. With her ability to connect people combined with effective planning and organizing, she manages to take teams and projects to higher levels of efficiency.


Janneke ’t Hart


Over 9 years of experience with wide-ranging communications activities on complex, cross-sector projects in sustainable development: from PR to corporate communications. Janneke excels in translating and structuring complex matter to solid communications strategies, consistent key messages and effective communications instruments.


The ZES team furthermore works with varying trainees and (research) interns as a part of our dynamic team.

Supervisory Board

The managing director of ZES is accountable to the Supervisory Board, which is made up of Brendan Wauters (ENGIE), Nico van Dooren (Port of Rotterdam Authority), Henk de Jong (Wärtsilä) and Dirk Jan van Swaay (ING).

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