ZES is strengthening the battery electric sailing business case

During the Connecting Europe Days, Zero Emission Services (ZES) proudly launched the world’s first Carbon Insetting Program for Zero Emission Shipping together with project partners Future Proof Shipping (FPS) and 123Carbon. This is a major leap forward led by the RH2INE initiative.

What is the value for our customers?
Battery electric sailing reduces emissions, hereby creating lots of carbon insets. These insets have financial value on the voluntary market. ZES’ clients can close their financial gap of the zero-emission investments by selling insets to their customer’s in the value chain.

Carbon insets decouple innovation willingness from contract dependences and through standarizing inland shipping – battery electric – carbon insets, ZES truly strengthens the value proposition.

Project Zero.0 use case

Equipped with ZES’ generation 2.0 technology, Nedcargo‘s vessel Den Bosch Max Groen will soon operate on green electricity between Den Bosch, Maasvlakte and Moerdijk for the Inland Terminals Group. ZES proudly proposes this operation as the battery electric use case in this program. As front-runners, these partners will be the first to benefit.

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