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make inland shipping & short sea sailing clean and climate neutral.

Emissieloos varen - ZesPack Container

Important step for Climate Agreement

To achieve the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, the cooperation of the inland shipping sector is indispensable. Today, the Dutch transport sector is collectively responsible for 21% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the Netherlands. Within the transport sector, inland navigation makes up 5% of carbon dioxide emissions. The Green Deal Zeevaart, Binnenvaart en Havens (Maritime, Inland Shipping and Ports) includes agreements that aim to make inland shipping more sustainable. With a transformation from diesel-powered inland shipping to fully electrically powered transport, the inland shipping sector is taking an important step towards realizing climate agreement goals.
ZES is taking the lead in this transition: 100% green energy, and no emissions of CO2, nitrogen or particulate matter.

Emission-free sailing for inland shipping. How does it work?

ZES (Zero Emission Services) supplies interchangeable energy containers for new and existing inland vessels. These containers – called ZESPacks – are charged using renewable power. Skippers can quickly exchange a depleted container for a full one at exchange and loading stations. These stations are equipped with an ‘open access’ network and can also be used to stabilise the electricity grid or meet temporary local demand for electricity. ZES offers users a future-proof solution. In the future, the ZESPacks will, also be able to work with hydrogen for example.

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Simple payment concept

ZES has a simple pay-per-use system: the customer pays for the renewable electricity consumed and for the rental of a ZESPack. This keeps operating costs competitive and aims to make the transition to emission-free sailing easier. However, ships must be equipped with an electric propulsion line.

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    Powering clean corridors.

    ZES provides a total solution for emission-free sailing with an open access infrastructure: interchangeable battery containers charged with renewable power, charging stations, technical support and an innovative pay per use-based payment concept.